6:00 pm

Difficult Convos: The Potential Superficiality of Sisterhood

@ Sacred Geometry Kemetic Yoga, Las Vegas

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Difficult Convos: The Potential Superficiality of Sisterhood

We are continuing the SITTING AT THE FEET OF OUR ELDERS series with Wise Woman Iyalode Iyale Olamide. 

This is #2 of a 4 part highly interactive discussion series focusing on having difficult conversations. 

The next discussion will be about The Potential Superficiality of Sisterhood. 

Have you been the receiver of unexpected daggers from a sister? Have you thrown daggers? Did you enjoy it? Have you wondered why? Have you taken into account that everyone is not your sister? What does sisterhood mean to you?

Come join the discussion


December 15 Having The Difficult Conversation (The Potential Superficiality of Sisterhood)

January 19 Having The Difficult Conversation (Family, Friends, Intimate Partners)

February 16 Having The Difficult Conversation (With Your Womb)

This series will be offered on a love donation basis collected at the door.

Please be 16 years of age and older…

Come as a teacher and a student. Bring a journal and pen.

Saturday December 15, 2018

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm



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