2:00 pm

Ali’s 15th Annual Cherry Blossom Celebration – NYC Outdoor Kick-Off

@ Commodore Barry Park, New York City

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Ali’s 15th Annual Cherry Blossom Celebration – NYC Outdoor Kick-Off

It’s that time of year to shake off the cabin fever from winter… It’s time to gather again to dance under the sun & stars ….

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year….each year it’s the signal that our great-mother/father is waking from her/his long winter’s sleep. It’s time for the blossoming of the plants & trees, including my favorite, the “Cherry Blossom”

Voice of voice NYC Outdoors in association with Brooklyn Sunz, Sundae Sermon, House Coalition and Family Dance Brooklyn invites you to “Ali’s 15th Annual Cherry Blossom Celebration (Sakura-Matsuri) & House Coalition Fundraiser + the Un-Official Official Kick-off of the 2019 NYC Outdoor Dance Season!

Festivity Selectors
Dj Stormin’ Norman (SUNDAE SERMON)
Greg Cee (Brooklyn Sunz)
Ali Coleman (Voice of voice NYC/House Coalition)

Saturday April 27th
2pm – 7pm
Commodore Barry Park
This is a family-friendly-event ~ Please Share ♥

House Coalition:
House Coalition – Nightlife Activist and the largest and best-known club-oriented dance group in New York City’s annual Dance Parade & Dance Fest. Parading annually since the first Dance Parade in May 2006…

Over 500 members of the dancing community in the City’s seminal underground house scene from New York, the surrounding tri-state area and abroad, including its founder, Luis Vargas, featured DJs and performing artists, and scores of NYC club “legends”

We dance as a social art form, to protest the unconstitutional discrimination inherent in New York’s Cabaret Law, and were a part of a group of people who ultimately helped to get the law repealed in 2018 …
Visit, select “participate in the parade” and register as a participant to dance with House Coalition in this year’s parade.

Sundae Sermon:
@Sundae Sermon’s mission is to support the spirit and strengthen the Harlem community by providing a platform to promote environmental, educational and recreational family friendly activities in a healthy, casual communal environment. It seeks to foster and connect fundraising and friendraising efforts of compatible charities and foundations through Musical Performances and Film Screenings.

Founder of Sundae Sermon, DJ Stormin’ Norman originally hails from East London, UK and is now a resident of Harlem, USA. In the 90’s, he was part of a groundbreaking DJ collective who brought the Thunderstorm Mix on WBLS 107.5FM NYC, introducing live mixing to daytime radio previously reserved for weekend nights broadcasted from night-clubs, setting a new precedent in national radio.

Saturday April 27, 2019

2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

All Ages

Cover: FREE

Cover Notes: free to everyone



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