Fly Sneakers

ID: 168376 Author: Nesto Date: 2019-04-11 05:52:22 Description: If, you have a passion for Fly Kicks, then be sure to join us and specially invited guests for this exclusive fashion show/sneaker showcase and brunch. Vibe and network with like-minded individuals, enjoy good food, unlimited mimosas, and some great music. Be there to see the ultimate Sneaker Battle between: “The Classic Sneaker Collector vs. The Modern Sneaker Collector (Who does it better?) The competitors will be walking the runway showcasing their most fly kicks. Women are down too. (Who will you think has the most fly collection?) The winner gets free brunch and mimosas. Up next, a friendly DJ duel. The new school set vs. Old School set… HipHop + RnB + Funk + Skater music and popular music of today! Last, but certainly not least, we want you to make some new friends and network with other sneaker lovers and guests and gain tips from experts in the worlds of footwear and fashion. They will touch on this and more: what makes a collection fly or valuable how to spot fake kicks how to properly clean your kicks how to properly store your kicks Info: [email protected] Caption: Sneaker Show, Brunch Party Type: image/jpeg