6:00 pm

Chicasso Studio Art & Cocktail Parties

@ Chicasso Studio, New York City

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Chicasso Studio Art & Cocktail Parties

What are therapeutic Art & Cocktail parties?

After teaching hundreds of Paint n Sips in NYC, we have created a culturally dynamic, art-centric painting parties with all-inclusive FREE flowing craft cocktails.

In a beautiful sun-drenched classic Brooklyn art studio, we share the joy of a true collective art experience, each creating a take-home acrylic painting on canvas you will be proud to put on your wall. Craft cocktails, great music, lovely people, and perceptive  guidance help everyone to get in the flow and trust the hidden but natural artistic instincts we all have.

Chicasso Studio avoids the average corny Paint n Sip style art; instead think Basquiat, Keith Haring, Picasso, Banksy etc…

Quick breakdown of the experience:

Guests will enter the the studio to a mix of classic and current beats spinning, and select from a variety of thematically curated craft cocktails which will be refreshed as requested. They sit where they like, grouping with friends, with easels and paint supplies set up before them.

We discuss the painting that we’ve chosen to teach, its cultural or historical context, and ways to vary upon the theme and where best to freestyle. Creative departure is encouraged but not necessary, as we provide specific easy-to-follow instructions. Every part of the painting is broken down into in a series of simple steps, basing each form on familiar shapes or letters, while explaining colors and the dos and don’ts of paint mixing.

As the paintings come to a finish, guests have found ways to create in their own language, with a true work of art to take home, to remember and embody the whole experience.

Everyone socializes and finish up at an organic pace, taking pictures, clowning, dancing, and happily milling out without feeling rushed.

***We have a 2pm session and a 6pm session*** Check the website for more details.

*Drinks will be free flowing and refreshed as requested all inclusively* 





Saturday September 21, 2019

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Cover: $40.00

Various Cover: $40 presale$45 door

Cover Notes: Free flowing craft cocktails (21 & up) coffee, cucumber water + ALL art supplies for a take home canvas painting included in ticket



Chicasso Studio, Chicasso Studio Art & Cocktail Parties