4:00 pm

Spent Saints Screening and Reading

@ Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles

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Spent Saints Screening and Reading

Readings by Brian Jabas Smith and Angie Bowie atop music by Chick Cashman. Emceed by Executive Producer/Co-Creator/Co-Writer Maggie Smith with Directors Jonathan Paley, Rani DeMuth, Sophia Kiapos and J. Garrett Vorreuter.

Spent Saints is based on the best-selling first book by award-winning Tucson author Brian Jabas Smith. A collection of linked short stories (now films), it follows the life of a troubled champion bike racer and lead singer who plummets to the depths with alcohol and crystal meth addictions. Only when he faces down his underlying demon of depression can he emerge with body and spirit intact.

The series was shot in three states and includes the talents of Michael Villar (SKIN) and Justin Shilton (LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE), who have been a part of Academy Award winning productions, alongside up and comers Ian Michaels (RAINBOW TIME) and Shira Weitz (FAULT) with Miss Maxim 2018 Runner-Up Carla Tempesta, underground rock legend Jonathan Paley and daughter Violet and even the storied Miss Pamela Des Barres (author of I’m With the Band).

Music plays an important role in the series and the soundtrack to the film features music by Gilby Clarke, Cait Brennen, Frankie & The Studs, Super J Lounge, Beat Angels, Billy Sedlmayr, Kenny Tudrick and more.

Sunday August 25, 2019

4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Cover: FREE


Beyond Baroque, Spent Saints Screening and Reading, Venice