7:30 pm

Talk What We Hear – The Music The Inspired Kofy Brown

@ Fingersnaps Media Arts, Bay Area

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Talk What We Hear – The Music The Inspired Kofy Brown

Talk What We Hear is a monthly listening and discussion series about the implications of music and the impact it has on our lives.

Listening to 10 Records that inspired the music of Kofy Brown played on turntables from her original vinyl collection

Who Is Kofy Brown?

Kofy Brown, an Oakland, CA musician, singer and songwriter has been a pioneering force in the Bay Area’s hip-hop soul scene since the early 90’s. Leading her band on tour paving the way for other indie artist to trek forth, the KBB have spread the gospel of Brown’s unique style of soul, rock, funk and more all over North America, Canada and Europe. Kofy Brown has thrived by following her own creative path. She and her band the KBB have developed a reputation for putting on an outstanding live show. Her music is a soulful combination of funk, rock, blues and hip-hop topped off with a singing and rap style she calls word song.

Music plays such a major role in our everyday lives from birth to death. Day to day, music is playing and being heard somewhere, directly and indirectly. Music represents more than the talents of the artistry that created these audio sensations that inspires the heart to beat, encourages the rhythm of our feet, makes us think, and taps into the psychological compilation of us all.

Wednesday December 31, 1969

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Cover: $15.00


Fingersnaps Media Arts, Talk What We Hear - The Music The Inspired Kofy Brown