11:00 am

Thrive360: experiential wellness summit

@ AWA OASIA, Los Angeles

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Thrive360: experiential wellness summit

THRIVE 360 is part academic conference, part interactive festival, and part reverent healing ceremony. 

Expand your consciousness through top tier speakers, engaging panels discussing hot health topics, advanced healer stations, holistic vendors showcasing ancient-future technologies, deep dive group classes in the yoga studio, and interactive activations throughout the space. 

You will have a ‘choose your own adventure’ style experience during the event, picking and choosing when to receive the remedies you are drawn to, when to network and connect, and when to learn from experts in these various fields.

PANELS & TALKS: Food as Medicine // Mental Health and Success Mindset // Medicine vs. Drugs // Sustainability, Activism and Voting with the $ // Modern Medical Science and Ancient Healing

WORKSHOPS: Sound Healing, Yoga, Connection/Healthy Relations, Breathwork, Mindfulness Meditation for Productivity, Technology Awareness and Balance

VENDORS: AWA OASIA will be filled with vendors showcasing sustainable products, healing technologies and wellness experiences.

HEALERS:  There will be several unique types of healers ranging from Body Work to Atlantis Magnetic Alignments and Mayan Astrology Readings!

Sunday February 23, 2020

11:00 am - 8:00 pm

All Ages

Cover: $33.00

Various Cover: $33 - $120



AWA OASIA, Los Angeles, Thrive360: experiential wellness summit