Friday July 26, 2024

10:00 PM - 4:00 am

Amtrac favors a tactile assembly of alternative electronic music reliant on handcrafted nuance akin to that of a band. The Kentucky-born and Los Angeles-based artist, DJ, producer, remixer, multi- instrumentalist, and founder of Openers carefully fuses textures and styles into an unabridged, unfiltered, and undeniable sonic trip on his aptly titled second full-length, Oddyssey [Openers/RCA Records]. As such, he imparts a piece of himself on every moment — from the production and composition to the vocals and performance.

Inspired by filmmaker and composer John Carpenter of Halloween and Escape From New York fame, he further utilized outboard gear and incorporated synthesizer soundscapes as he built the framework of the record. He also sang on a total of four tracks.

“I’m very inspired by movie scores and soundtracks,” he goes on. “Oddyssey has got elements of the first album, but it’s very synth-oriented. The bond of sound and visuals really inspired me. There are more vocals than ever before as well. Everything is part of the narrative.”

Renowned for his performances, the live show will reflect the same spirit, integrating visuals as he plays synthesizers live and takes the microphone. “I want to do different things every show,” he adds. “It’s meant to be unique.”

Friday July 26, 2024

10:00 pm - 4:00 am


Cover: $25.00