Friday February 17, 2023

08:00 PM - 11:00 pm

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Franklin Kiermyer – drums + leader
Davis Whitfield– piano + music director
Ben Solomon – saxophone
Giulio Xavier Cetto – double bass

Scatter The Atoms That Remain redefines transformative spiritual music.

“The function of our music – its true purpose – is fulfilled when every one feels strong, free and unafraid to jump into the unknown, leaving behind what holds us back. That experience is what Scatter The Atoms That Remain is all about. Our music changes people.”

You can hear for yourselves and feel it too – this music is new – not like anything else. What it does is palpable. That’s the point – what it DOES – how it makes you feel. It causes an opening to occur. Like faithful prayer, seance and ritual, but not religious. Spiritual. Those in the know see where it’s coming from, those that are brave see where it’s going. The spirited are moved beyond thought. That’s its purpose. Fearless and uncompromising, this music is deeply rooted in our shared ancestry.

Think of how you felt the first time you heard Jimi Hendrix play the Star Spangled Banner, or the first time you heard Sun Ship, Transition or First Meditations. That’s what people feel when they hear Scatter The Atoms.

The legacy that all but went South after the 60’s went underground, but never disappeared. The bar was raised so high, no one could get there. Young musicians that were so deeply compelled by Supreme Love and the Sun Ship had to follow another stream to take the edge off, or they turned away from tonality and pulse, hoping to ascend by speaking in tongues. As many have said, neither succeeded. Scatter The Atoms That Remain does.

As Turiyasangitananda Alice Coltrane pointed out years after her husband John passed, “the burden of continuance is up on your shoulders. You all are going to have to do your singular search.” It’s that singular search that’s them led to this. Scatter The Atoms That Remain now shoulders that burden of continuance with open hearts.

Friday February 17, 2023

8:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Cover: $25.00

Various Cover: $25.00 - $180.00