Chucho Ponce y Los Daddys

@ Grand Performances

Saturday August 24, 2024

06:00 PM - 10:00 pm

Chucho Ponce Y Los Daddys

Born in Brooklyn, NY to immigrant parents from Apatzingan, Michoacan and Chinantla, Puebla, Chucho Ponce grew up surrounded by rap, cumbia sonidera, and baladas. In high school, he produced hip-hop beats in high school before using his beat-making knowledge to produce cumbia sonidera. At age 19, he decided to return to his father’s village to follow his cumbia sonidera dreams with his family and childhood friends as Chucho Ponce Los Daddys de Chinantla. Before releasing any albums, sonideros began playing the group’s music, and “Cumbia Primero de Mayo,” became their first underground hit. The first album Bienvenidos a Chinantla (2007) plays tribute to Chucho’s roots. Since then, Chucho Ponce Los Daddys continues to innovate new styles and rhythms that influence other sonidero groups. From the streets of Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Bed-Stuy to the village of Chinantla, Puebla (population 3000), Chucho Ponce Los Daddys personal background, experiences and return migration shapes their unique, cosmopolitan sound.

Discos Rolas is an independent record label and creative ethnographic collaboration founded by multidisciplinary artist Gary Garay (Ganas) and anthropologist Alexandra Lippman (Xandão) in 2018. We follow musical and sonic connections within Latin America through album releases, screenings, dance parties, artist talks, and long-term collaborations with artists, designers, photographers, and musicians. We release music on vinyl and cassette with artists including Turbo Sonidero, Grupo Kual?, Grupo Soñador, Grupo Jejeje, Sonido Dueñez, and others. We also work with visual artists and designers including Roberto Rodriguez, Jaime Ruelas, and Local Offices. In 2020, we released the short documentary “Grupo Kual? Música de Barrio” on the Pedraza family’s multi-generational legacy as pioneers and innovators in cumbia in Mexico City. Our work has been featured in the New Yorker, FADER, Vogue Mexico, and elsewhere.

Saturday August 24, 2024

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

All Ages

Cover: FREE

Grand Performances, Los Angeles