Saturday May 18, 2024

08:00 PM - 2:00 am

After boogieing down Avenue of the Americas from 17th Street, sashaying across St. Mark’s and turning it up at Tompkins Square Park at the 18th Annual Dance Parade and Festival … go grab some dinner and then join us for “The Official Dance Parade After Party headlined by

KS360 (Full Circle Productions)

DJ Misbehaviour (Vinyl Nights)

Liquid Todd (SiriusXM BPM)

The fun times are happening at the super cool NubluRadio

Our 2024 theme “Dance Free NYC” is a rally to reform the zoning laws that restrict dancing in over 80% of NYC venues. It’s possible to have a live band in any bar, restaurant or nightclub across all five boroughs but it is illegal to dance except for in large, high density venues. We are asking folks to sign our petition at https://legalizedance.org and call your council members to tell them that the City Of Yes proposal is not about nightlife but rather it’s about culture, self-expression and community.

Dance Parade is: a 501(c)3 charity whose mission is to inspire dance through the celebration of diversity. Our volunteer supported organization produces the annual Dance Parade on Broadway followed by DanceFest in Tompkins Square Park. In the months leading up to the Parade and Festival we offer Community Engagement Programs in Schools, Recreation Facilities and Senior Centers throughout New York City

Visit www.danceparade.org for more information

Follow us on Instagram @danceparadenyc

Saturday May 18, 2024

8:00 pm - 2:00 am


Cover: $17.35

Misbehaviour & Liquid Todd, New York City, Nublu Classic