Duke Dumont

@ Radius

Friday September 13, 2024

10:00 PM - 2:00 am

A dynamo whose has produced a stunning back catalogue that includes international chart No.1 hits , Multi Grammy nominations and bumpin’ Chicago-influenced underground productions, Duke Dumont is a contemporary electronic music powerhouse. Deeply committed to creating high quality music imbued with emotional depth, Dumont is versatile, extremely adept and hard working.

His illustrious career has taken him on tour around the world, many times over, and placed him in the top tier of electronic music artists of his ilk. Poised to release his debut album ‘Duality’, he will present the culmination of studio work record in London & LA, showcasing a voice that is diverse yet immediately identifiable as Duke’s. Features include RY X, Zak Abel and house legends like Roland Clark, reflecting his open-minded approach across 10 polished tracks that encompass a range of emotional states. With an accompanying live show , Duke Dumont is preparing to enter a new phase of his musical endeavours, and showcasing his the breadth of his expertise.

Since 2007 Duke Dumont has channeled his deep love for electronic music into a variety of acclaimed releases, moving through pumping electro and vibrant techno to conquer the UK charts with ‘Need U 100%’. His early releases on Tiga’s Turbo Recordings helped establish his reputation for producing high quality club music that moves the dance floor, physically and emotionally. By 2012 he’d produced two career-defining EPs – For Club Use, Vol 1 and For Club Use, Vol 2. Tracks like ‘The Giver’ cemented Dumont’s rep for catchy hooks, precision arrangement and powerful emotion. A year later he hit the No.1 spot in the UK charts with ‘Need U (100%)’ (featuring A*M*E), demonstrating his ability to merge classic house motifs with first-rate songwriting.

In the years since those breakthrough releases Duke Dumont has lent his remarkable talent to a flurry of major label remixes and production projects while maintaining a steady flow of his own solo releases. His remix work covers a wide range of acts, from hip hop royalty EPMD, Missy Elliot and Gucci Mane to Mystery Jets, Bonobo and HAIM, his signature attention to detail and command of dance floor dynamics evident on each rework. On the solo tip he followed ‘Need U (100%)’ with another UK No.1 ‘I Got U’ both songs achieving platinum sales. Between 2013 and 2020 he hit the Billboard Dance Chart No.1 with seven singles, including “The Power”, ‘Won’t Look Back’ and ‘Ocean Drive’. With each release Duke Dumont staying true to his club roots, achieving widespread success.

On his album ‘Duality’, Duke Dumont channels his years of experience into a cohesive record that epitomises his core beliefs; striving for perfection in terms of musicality, energy and feeling. The result is an honest, cathartic expression of Dumont’s desire to embody the mentality of a true artist, liberated from genre specifics and scored with his own sonic fingerprint. Dumont’s aim was to produce a meaningful LP, one that has longevity and the potential to achieve classic status. Sincere emotion transcends time and, by paying close attention to the musicality of his productions, Dumont hopes his songs will retain their earnest appeal forever. Over the past decade he has been refining his skills, studying music theory and losing himself in the infinite world of possibility that can be accessed through key, rhythm, tone, melody and harmony. He also dipped into songwriting and lyricism, learning about cadence, the power of language and how to construct a song. On the album tracks he partnered with each singer to write collaborative songs, tapping into the DNA of each artist to create an authentic contribution. What you hear on the album is a genuine connection between Dumont and his featured artists, many of whom he considers to be friends. This authentic energy lends itself to the album’s emotional content – every word, every note a product of the creativity that arises from real camaraderie.

Duality showcases Duke Dumont’s impressive skillset, demonstrating the abilities of an artist who has an intuitive understanding of how to move the listener, physically, mentally and emotionally. From the first half, which is designed to get you dancing and features the single ‘Therapy’, plus ‘Obey’ (with Roland Clark) and ‘The Power’ (with Zak Abel) to the latter half of the album, which takes us into more wistful territory, it’s a testament to his singular vision. Duality is a long-player in the traditional sense, produced to be listened to in its entirety, rather than a collection of radio-friendly singles. Besides his own production and vocal features, Duality incorporates live string arrangements, guitar players, drummers and piano keys. At the core of the album’s overall sound is the notion of music that can be visualised; like a painting. For each track Duke Dumont knew he’d struck gold when he could see what it would look like. This also feeds into the live show, where his compositions will be accompanied by visuals on the big stage.

For Duke Dumont the epitome of live is performing your own music, this is one of his key aspirations. With several chart-topping hits under his belt, plenty of singles and EPs, plus his stunning new LP, he is equipped with everything he needs to achieve that dream. As he readies himself for a headline performance at Coachella, Dumont remains humble, determined and eternally focused on producing music that will endure beyond his lifetime…

Friday September 13, 2024

10:00 pm - 2:00 am


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