Sunday March 26, 2023

05:00 PM - 11:59 pm

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Dj/Producer Ezel has paved his way from the early beginnings as the avid apprentice of afro spiritual house maestros Osunlade & Carlos Mena to become a full blown entity of his own. Constantly renovating itself, Ezel defies definition by pushing forwards the most interest repertoire where afro meets soul and funk all riding the banner of deeply satisfying dance music.

Born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, since an early age, Ezel was exposed to formal music studies where he learned his ropes in music theory and harmony. At a later stage in his life, while participating in local funk & soul bands of his country he started developing a new musical vocabulary and a thirst for music that made the body move. From age to 2003 to his introduction to the scene in early 2009, his focus and intention kept getting aligned with the leading soulful forces of that era and that’s how the universe allow him to grab the attention of musical innovators Osunlade & Carlos Mena who surely helped him shape his approach and understanding of house music for the journey laying ahead. After his debut album Secreto in 2010, a series of highly regarded remixes followed and he was able to establish for the first time his signature in the underground dance musical landscape.

Elements Oakland
ELEMENTS is a monthly dance ritual based in Oakland, CA centered around deep & soulful house music. In January 2014, Patrick Wilson & Nina Sol collaborated to create Elements as a home for deep, soulful, underground, Black house music in the Bay Area. From Paradise Garage inspired classics, soulful house rooted in gospel, R&B, funk & jazz, or South African house and Afrobeat, Rumba, Deep and Tech House and everything in between…this mighty pair brings you an unparalleled experience that stays rooted in the underground black expression of soulful dance music.

Sunday March 26, 2023

5:00 pm - 11:59 pm


Cover: $17.15

Various Cover: $17.15 - $22.85