Friday February 10, 2023

10:30 PM - 5:00 am

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Plug back in and get electrified by the technique, the craftsmanship, and the legendary DJ power of Danilo Plesow aka MCDE aka Motor City Drum Ensemble, coming in hot for a very rare rave appearance.

The Raw CutsFabric PresentsDJ-Kicks, the myriad of potent dance floor cuts, crafted and calibrated with precision and body moving power. Flip over and pretend you’re there with the most profound Boiler Rooms, that Dekmantel goes so hard and is still a go to master class in DJ’ing here at the Lights Down Low offices.

More recently you can tune in to his wild AF Hör set and watch him turn that toilet upside down. From Coachella to Jazz Festivals, Danilo has the chops, the tunes, and the energy to unleash dance floor devotion.

Rounding out the roster and offering something for everyone its nothing but Queens in the building as Masha Mar, Xica Soul and Corey Sizemore and Richie Panic set things up and knock you around.

We are going to keep this on the tighter side of things so tix are limited.

Friday February 10, 2023

10:30 pm - 5:00 am


Cover: $30.00