Moontype / Zach Morp / Official Claire

@ The California Clipper

Saturday June 15, 2024

06:00 PM - 9:30 pm

Zach Morp makes music that takes lots of unexpected turns but is anchored by its sincerity. “The secret of life is to enjoy the passing of time” is just one bit of wisdom contained within the Morp lexicon, so you can imagine that the music is deep and generally leaves the listener with a sublime feeling, as if they had just seen a magnificent picturesque view from a high altitude. Do not miss your opportunity to awaken your senses and transcend to a higher plane of existence, see Zach Morp.

Official Claire is one of Chicago’s finest new songwriters. She has a poet’s eye for detail, and the understated sarcasm of a comic. Her songwriting shines with wit and confessions- all on top of swaying, memorable hooks.

Claire is also a calm shredder of guitar- her playing is gritty and delicate, all in one quick swoop.

Her music recently caught the attention of fellow Chicagoan and ex-Wilco member, LeRoy Bach. Bach continues to be a studio collaborator and member of her live band.

On her latest ep, Midnight Dickbiter, Claire engineered, mixed and played the majority of instruments. The collection was recorded over the winter, and features Bach and drummer Quin Kirchner (Ryler Walker, Wild Belle, Bill McKay).

Slow Pulp recently chose Official Claire as their featured opening act at their upcoming Lollapaloozza after-party.

Saturday June 15, 2024

6:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Cover: $5.00

Moontype / Zach Morp / Official Claire, The California Clipper