Saturday August 31, 2024

08:00 PM - 2:00 am

Garage Reunion @ Elsewhere

When Michael Brody wanted to open a club in New York City, he had a vision. He wanted an exciting, inclusive space that welcomed dancers of all races, ethnicities, backgrounds, and most of all, sexualities. In 1977 his dream came true with the opening of the Paradise Garage. The club was named when David DePino, one of the co-hosts of the Garage Reunion Parties, exclaimed that the space, an actual garage, would make people feel like they were in Paradise. The other reunion co-host, Joey, Llanos, joined the staff in late 1979. The deejay Michael had in mind was never in doubt. Larry Levan was a close friend, whose taste in music was completely aligned with Michael’s vision.

The Paradise Garage opened during the winter of 1977-78. In almost no time the club became an underground sensation. It was a go-to destination for record company promotion people, who would bring their new music to Larry to gauge whether his dedicated audience of serious dancers would respond positively. Although the club was private, celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment flocked to the club to savor the music, the passion of the crowd, and Larry’s genius for creating extraordinary performances, night after night, year after year.

Sadly, after a decade of ground breaking club life, the Garage closed its doors in 1987, after Michael Brody became ill. He passed away not long after the club’s closure. Yet the demand for parties continued even after the passing in 1992 of Larry Leven, the man whose name was and is most closely associated with the Paradise Garage. Less than a decade later, in 2000, David DePino and Joey Llanos came together to host the first Paradise Garage Reunion Party. It was a smashing success, bringing together 2000 partygoers to relive the essence of the Garage. In the near quarter century since the reunion parties began, David and Joey have been very discerning in picking venues, with their top priority being pristine sound.

A major high point was the 2014 street party that drew 25,000 people to the site of the club for a celebratory tribute to Larry and the legacy of the club. David and Joey are overjoyed to bring what would have been its 47th year of Paradise back to “Elsewhere”, a space that closely resembles elements that made the Paradise Garage legendary; sound, lighting, capacity, great staff, and that all important vibe that made Garage members call it their church! Thank you all for helping us keep this iconic vibration and legacy alive, 47 years later!!! Looking forward to “Seeing you on the dance floor”

Saturday August 31, 2024

8:00 pm - 2:00 am


Cover: $52.74

Elsewhere, Paradise Garage Reunion