@ Concord Music Hall

Thursday February 15, 2024

09:00 PM - 11:59 pm

Sango, The Michigan-based producer, has quietly amassed a massive catalog that explores the entire spectrum of music over the last decade. From the baile funk of his celebrated “Da Rocinha”, series to the lush soul of his 2018 album In The Comfort Of, or the electronic R&B of 2014’s “North”, his creations exact genre’s are left to be interpreted. Throughout his career, Sango’s production has served as the canvas for many different artists like Tinashe, Bryson Tiller, Frank Ocean, Wale, Drake and more. He is part of the Los Angeles collective Soulection, and at the young age of 12 Sango started producing music alongside his older brother and his friends. His work mainly focuses on hiphop and soul-influenced beats that, over the years, have been able to come together as his own distinctive, innovative sound. He is a lover of Brazilian funk samples, electronic beats, and demonstration of cultural unity through sound. Sango has toured over 50+ cities worldwide, and his high energy set is always in high demand at festivals and gatherings alike. Apart from making music, Sango is a graphic designer and has designed all his own album covers. Keep your ears open, as Sango prepares for his next LP, “North 2” due in 2024.

Thursday February 15, 2024

9:00 pm - 11:59 pm


Cover: TBD

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