Friday August 2, 2024

06:00 PM - 10:00 pm

DJ Tedsmooth, of 94.7 The Block in NYC is known as the “Remix King” for his inventive and infectious remixes of popular songs, has brought houses down at Latin and hip-hop clubs throughout New York City and Internationally for decades. For this year’s festival he brings to the Bronx’s Crotona Park a crew of legendary DJs and artists proficient in the decidedly NYC genre of freestyle—an upbeat style of electronic dance music particularly popular with Puerto Ricans and Italians that dominated clubs in the ’80s—including Coro, the former Miami Vice actor who collaborated with Stevie B and Todd Terry; C-Bank, the duo originally comprising of vocalist Jenny Burton and now currently Brenda Rodriguez along with the production and remix legend John Robie, best known for their 1983 hit “One More Shot” & “I Won’t Stop Loving You”. Westchester’s own party rockers DJ Serg and Anthony Mangini; remixer and Tedsmooth collaborator JAYBOOGIENYC; and Strafe, the electro hip-hop group primarily known for their single “Set It Off,” which has been sampled countless times since its release in 1984.

Friday August 02, 2024

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

All Ages

Cover: FREE

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