Friday July 5, 2024

07:00 PM - 4:00 am

Join us July 5th for a night of celebration, dancing, and community! Let’s honor the freedom to dance and the efforts that make NYC nightlife thrive!
Discover the Immersive and Interactive Experience at Dead Letter No. 9 created and curated by Taylor Myers & Michael Ryterband of “Sleep No More”
Ali Coleman & Friends rockin’ 2 Rooms of music
Up in the front-room:
Steph Belfort B2B Julie Marlow: 8pm-9pm
Girl Wunder: 9pm – 10:30
Ameer Brooks B2B Harry Fletcher: 10:30 – 1am
Cargo (back room):
9pm – 10pm (Surprise Guest)
SurfingDJS: 10pm – Midnight
Ali Coleman: Midnight – Close
Doors open at 7pm (Cocktail Hour)
63 Grand Street (Brooklyn)
Starting early for sunset and going late. Early bird sold out quick … Grab tickets now!
Why We Dance!!
On June 6, 2024, NYC City Council voted to adopt #CityOfYesfor Economic Opportunity, to update antiquated zoning regulations to support small businesses, create affordable housing, and promote sustainability. Our advocacy helped lead City Council to vote for the removal of the word “DANCE” from NYC zoning codes. This win follows years of continued advocacy after our advocacy lead City Council to repeal the Cabaret Law in 2017—a 91-year old law enacted during the Prohibition era that required a license for businesses to allow dancing.
“Dance is something quite frankly that this or any other governmental body; CANNOT REGULATE! It’s a power that the people, all of us; did not give you! Anointed leaders on our behalf, we did not give you the power; the people of the city of New York, to take away that constitutional right” … Gerry Goldman aka Jungle
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In Association w/ Dance Parade House Coalition Redness Parties & GETAEMP

Friday July 05, 2024

7:00 pm - 4:00 am


Cover: $25.00

Various Cover: $15 - $25

Voice of Voice NYC Presents: Freedom to Dance: Legalize Dance Victory Celebration