September 6, 2020

04:00 PM - 5:00 pm

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Two weeks ago we had an amazing grand opening for A Standard Sunday with Tatsuya and Chika. The stream was lively, children were enjoying lollipops, adults were enjoying their wine, and we all got to indulge in some wonderful jazz. Thanks to everyone who joined us and tipped generously (your applause is tipping also), we appreciate you all.

We’re back with more tunes this Sunday, May 3rd at 4PM EST. This is still a classy affair so feel free to get dressed up (though not required). Let’s co-create our own reality together, right in the middle of a quarantine.

We will be on Zoom again with a suggested donation of $10. Email [email protected] for the Zoom info.

See you on Sunday, stay safe, and tell a friend.