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Artists in Action Unite (Online opening concert for The Global Summit)

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Artists in Action Unite (Online opening concert for The Global Summit)

I❂ ♬ Welcome to the Opening Concert of The Global Summit’s 2020 IMPACT GAMES, igniting 9 days of catalytic impact.
♪ Join over 55 DJs, Hosts, and Artists In Action Uniting in a ripple of song, dance, DJs, and drum beats, from Tokyo to LA creating a new rhythm for a new game.
August 9, from 8pm to Midnight in 5 timezones, JOIN Artists In Action, Pape Diouf, (Senegal) Madame Gandhi (India/NYC), Climbing Poetree (Colombia/Haiti/NYC), Fantuzzi (Puerto Rico), Olox (Siberia); Laura Yokozawa (Japan); Lydia Violet (California/Iran); Alessandra Belloni (NYC/Italy); Becca Dakini (California/Australia) & MANY MORE (Summary Below)…
▼ Time & Date: Prime Time where YOU Are ▼
This 20-hour digital concert begins in Tokyo, 8 PM, August 9th, with 5 x 4-hour Prime Time Block Parties, and will return to the Pacific in Los Angeles, CA at Midnight.
▼ 5 Time Zones (Block Parties!):
❂ East Asia: Australia ~ Oceania ~ Siberia
❂ The Crossroads: India to the Middle East
❂ The Cradle: All of Africa ~ W. & C. Europe
❂ Atlantic: Rio to Harlem, S.America – E. Coast
❂ Pacific Return: N/W/C. Americas
This creative coalition invites you to AMPLIFY Impact for an equitable, ecologically flourishing world.
▲ THE MUSIC! Unified by a passion for social change, co-Hosts are curating diverse blends from Folk to Pop to Hip Hop.
▼ See Lineup Artists & Host Bios ▼
▲ Where: Simulcast here, on YouTube, & our year-round impact portal 1PIE.
⋆ Artists in Action is an opportunity for artists to amplify their social and environmental impact– not only to perform in the opening ceremony but to participate as changemakers and social entrepreneurs in the five Summit Impact Teams: #Wellbeing360; #Feminomics; #Learning4Life; #OneOcean; and #ThrivingCities. Learn more: TheGlobalSummit.org/Teams
❂ ♬ Line Up LIST Per. Block: ❂ ♬
FULL BIOS & UPDATES: TheGlobalSummit.org/AiAUnite
❂ East Asia, from Australia ~ Oceania ~ Siberia
Hosts: mirrah (Australia)
Kyoko Nagano (Japan)
Ryu (Japan)
Ong M’Dee (Indonesia)
Artists: Olox (Siberia)
Murray Kyle (Australia)
Tomoko Yoshida (Japan)
Chad Wilkins (Australia/California)
Kenji Furutate (Japan)
Tomoko Motizuki-Yoshida (Japan)
Laura Yokozawa (onomatopel) (Japan)
DJ Hiroking (Japan)
DJ Soni Chill (Indonesia)
DJ M’Dee (Indonesia)
❂ The Crossroads: India to the Middle East
Hosts: Uday Benegal (India)
Shankar Hemmady (India)
Parisa Soultani (Iran)
Artists: Madame Gandhi (India/NYC)
Vijay Krnsa (KIRTANIYAS) (India)
Herbert Quinteros (India/Peru)
Mr. Shreekumar Vakkiyil (India)
Rawan Roshni (Amman, Jordan)
Dana Dajani (Amman, Jordan)
Adionai (Israel/California)
Mohab Sammy (Cairo, Egypt)
DJ FrogMoose (Cairo, Egypt)
DJ Posicidz Malien (Nepal)
❂ The Cradle: All of Africa ~ W. & C. Europe
Hosts: Fete Jen (South Africa)
Mo (Morris Pleasure) (UK)
Mikko Kapanen (Finland)
Artists: Pape Diouf (Senegal)
Rukundoye Joshua Bakimi (Uganda)
Chi Temu (Tanzania)
Frank Migambile (Tanzania)
DJ Akio (South Africa)
Mex Cortez (Tanzania)
Indosakusa The Morning Star (Zimbabwe)
Samuel J (UK/California)
Jont Openheart (UK/Halifax)
DJ Janaka Selekta (UK/Sri Lanka)
❂ Atlantic: Rio to Harlem, S.America – E. Coast
Hosts: Dumi Right (Washington, D.C.)
Winnie Kassa (NYC)
Guilherme Alves (Brazil)
Vanessa Mouthino (Brazil)
Artists: Naima & Alixa (Climbing Poetree) (NYC/Haiti & Colombia)
Josii Yakecan (Brazil)
Kunumi MC (Guarani Tribe, Brazil)
Shayna Gladstone (Detroit, Michigan)
Alessandra Belloni (NYC/Italy)
M.O.A. (Minista Of Agrikulcha) (NJ/Ghana)
DJ Hard Hittin’ Harry (Haiti/Brooklyn)
DJ Jada (Brazil)
❂ Pacific Return: including N/W/C Americas
Hosts: Ivan Kuxan Sum (Mexico)
Shelly O’Niell (Los Angeles)
Artists: Renata Flores (Peru)
Paloma Del Cerro (Argentina)
Tzutu Kan (Guatemaya)
Robin Liepman (California/Costa Rica)
Tamara Montenegro (Nicaragua)
Saritah (Los Angeles)
Garifuna Collective (Belize)
Lydia Violet (California/Iran)
Maesyn (Bali)
Fantuzzi (Los Angeles/Puerto Rico)
Zo Tobi (Oakland)
Becca Dakini (California/Australia)
▼ See Lineup, Artists & Host Bios ▼
After months of reconfiguring a highly interactive face-to-face program, we are seizing the moment to amplify our movement by abstracting the Olympic games into THE IMPACT GAMES. This could be seen by some as the first impact olympiad of our modern era, whereby the 17 Sustainable Development Goals have been broken down into 5 impact teams, who are each competing for a GLOBAL PITCH to make an effective positive change in the world. We are turning the contest of sport into a global collaboration challenge!
▲ How the Concert Benefits Artists and their Causes:
⋆ The Global Summit’s first Artists In Action Unite Concert directly benefits performers and their chosen causes (50% of all revenue). The other 50% through 501c3 nonprofit, Empowerment Works will be used to coordinate at cost production needs and year-round regenerative leadership training, and tools for local change-agents.
❂ Some of the causes supported by the Artists in Action:
Asociación Cultural Surca, Ayacucho Perú.
The SURCA Cultural Association works with youth and children through art to make them agents of change.
(Supported by Renata Flores (Peru))
WILDSEED Community Farm & Healing Village
(Supported by Climbing Poetree (NYC/Haiti/Colombia))
The Street Father Initiative, an outreach program based in Uganda to support street children and empower people, predominantly youth who are struggling with challenges, such as mental health, addiction and poverty.
(Supported by Generale Czarbu (Uganda))
Indosakusa The Morning Star (Zimbabwe), due to this Covid 19 pandemic, will choose a number of less privileged & elderly people and buy them groceries including members of the group.
UUCHUL Tribe: We are a group of Non-binary and womxn artists focused on permaculture and conscious food security in the mesoamerican region. Our aim is to grow the network of food forests, community edible gardens and reforestation initiatives.
(Supported by Tamara Montenegro (NAOBA) (Mesoamerica))
Orphaned Starfish Foundation brings technology and career training to underprivileged orphans worldwide.
(Supported by Maesyn (Bali/California))
Hip Hop Loves Foundation (International)
Observatório Internacional Da Juventude (Rio, Brasil)
Adrenaline Hip Hop (Haiti)
Júnior Music Executive (Philadelphia)
(Supported by Rene John-Sandy (Harlem))
Impact Lebanon: Fundraising for emergency aid after the explosion in Beirut (Supported by Rawan Roshni (Jordan))
♬ Line Up, Patron Opportunities, and More:

Sunday August 09, 2020

4:00 am - 12:00 am



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