April 3, 2021

12:00 PM - 12:00 am

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12DJ’s from all over the globe playing twelve 60 minute sets of that BOOM BAP HIP HOP we love! New Boom Bap, Classic Boom Bap, as long as it’s BOOM BAP HIP HOP, it’s good to go!

The idea was sparked organically live on Twitch with Toronto’s own DJ Agile and Boston’s own Ebensmatik throwing ideas around. Only HIPHOP music could unite a Raptors fan and a Celtics fan!

Today’s line up;

DJ Channel Nine – 12PM EST – Toronto – twitch.tv/djchannelnine

Jim Sharp – 1PM EST – London – twitch.tv/Jim_Sharp

DJ Excel – 2PM EST – Los Angeles – twitch.tv/djexcel

NYC Dope – 3PM EST – New York – twitch.tv/NYCDope

DJ Mark Oxford – 4PM EST – London – twitch.tv/DJMarkOxford

DJ Kharisma – 5PM EST – New York – twitch.tv/djkharisma

DJ Ritz – 6PM EST – Toronto – twitch.tv/djritz

DJ Grouch – 7PM EST – Toronto – twitch.tv/dj_grouch

DJ Agile – 8PM EST – Toronto – twitch.tv/djagile

4Korners – 9PM EST- Toronto – twitch.tv/4korners

DJ ESP – 10PM EST- Toronto – twitch.tv/its__ESP

FlipOut – 11PM EST/8PM PST – Vancouver – twitch.tv/DJFlipout