November 2, 2021

EDT (12:00 AM - 2:00 am)

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From the Soundboard is a program that usually focuses on concerts regardless of genre. This is where the artist and (or) group perfects the art of the “call and response” with its audience. On Tuesday, October 26, @ midnight (that’s Monday into Tuesday), the focus will be on the under-appreciated saxophonist from Salem, Oregon who infused Jazz with Indigenous rhythms (Muscogee/Kaw).  He was Jim Pepper. 

Jim Pepper will always be best remembered for his popular recording of “Witchi-Tai-To,” a peyote chant put to music. Pepper, who is definitively profiled in the hour-long documentary Pepper’s Pow Wow, infused advanced jazz with the influence of his Native American heritage. The son of a father who also played saxophone, Pepper early in life loved to tap dance. He largely taught himself both tenor and clarinet, developing a soulful sound and keeping his style open to both free expression and the influence of world music.  [Scott Yanow – All Music Guide]