March 9, 2021

12:00 AM - 2:00 am

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From the Soundboard is a program that usually focuses on concerts regardless of genre, where the artist and/or group perfecting the art of the call and response with its audience. On Tuesday, March 2 @ midnight, (that’s Monday into Tuesday) as we transition out of African Heritage Month (aka Black History Month) into Women’s History Month, what better way to represent this transition by focusing on the legendary Jazz composer, pianist, organist, harpist and vocalist, Alice Coltrane.
“The world first came to know Alice Coltrane through her work in her husband John’s final working band. But in the 40 years after John’s death in 1967, she became an icon in her own right. From the late Sixties through the late Seventies, on a series of revelatory solo albums featuring both her harp and piano work. ‘To me, she is like Stravinsky and Leonard Bernstein,’ Alice’s onetime collaborator Carlos Santana once told Long Island Pulse of her. ‘She’s a real great American composer and musician. Some people only know her as John Coltrane’s wife, I know her as the master supreme original musician.'” [Rolling Stone]