January 16, 2021

10:00 AM - 3:00 am

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FunkRaiders #11 is this Saturday, Jan 16 10AM – 5AM +EST

WOW 2021 is off with a bang and Funkraiders is in full swing as we travel the globe to bring you the very best of breaks funk hiphop and dnb talent. This Saturday is truly global as we feature:

USA – DJ Chris Craze, Aiden Scott, Maculate
UK – Bubba King, B-Side, Hongkongpingpong, Steve Disco Newsome,
Australia – Lickweed
France– Stabfinger
Canada – Farbsie Funk, Capital J, Mista Twista, DJ Quesquecest?

Funkraiders has been a very special event connecting the funk family from around the world. In this time of lockdown it has given people a real place to connect with like-minded music lovers in a time where we cant meet on the dancefloor. Instead, we bring the talent to you! The chat room is where it all goes down and is the place to be. Once you join the party we will take you around the world just sit back and relax, or get up and dance in your living room to some of the best talent on the planet!

Here are the quick links for the day:

DJ Chris Craze | Tampa, Florida USA | 10AM EST | 7AM PST | 3PM GMT www.twitch.tv/djchriscraze
Steve Disco Newsome | Hull, UK | 12PM EST | 9AM PST | 5PM GMT www.twitch.tv/stevedisconewsome
Bubakings DJ | Bournemouth, UK | 3PM EST | 12PM PST | 8PM GMT www.twitch.tv/bubakingdjs
B-Side | Southampton, UK | 4PM EST| 1PM PST | 9PM GMT | www.twitch.tv/bsideuk
HongKongPingPong | LOCATION, UK | 5PM EST| 2PM PST | 10PM GMT | www.twitch.tv/h0ngk0ngpingp0ng
Aiden Scott | Philadelphia, USA | 6PM EST| 3PM PST | 11PM GMT | www.twitch.tv/DJAidenScott
Stabfinger | Paris, France | 7PM EST | 4PM PST | 12AM GMT | www.twitch.tv/stabfinger
Capital J | London, CAN | 8PM EST | 5PM PST | 1AM GMT | www.twitch.tv/capitaljlive
Farbsie Funk | Toronto, CAN | 9PM EST | 6PM PST | 2AM GMT | www.twitch.tv/Farbsie_Funk
Mista Twista | Owen Sound, CAN | 10PM EST | 7PM PST | 3AM GMT | www.twitch.tv/mistatwista
Lickweed | Melbourne, Australia | 11PM EST | 8PM PST | 4AM GMT | www.twitch.tv/twistedaudio
DJ Quesquecest | Toronto CAN | 12AM EST | 9PM PST | 5AM GMT | www.twitch.tv/nufunkrecords
Maculate | Pittsburgh USA | 1AM EST | 10PM PST | 6AM GMT | www.twitch.tv/djmaculate


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