April 7, 2021

05:00 PM - 7:00 pm

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We start the *Legacy Series II* for ‘Green Screen Wednesdays’ with an ALL REDMAN EDITION 🎧

First heard him on EPMD’s 1990 album ‘Business As Usual’. By the time Redman dropped his third album ‘Muddy Waters’ he had become my favorite rapper, and still is to this day!

8 Full length albums,
4 Collaboration albums (Method Man & Def Squad)
6 Mixtapes

Today we’ll explore Redman’s catalogue of music which is full of club anthems, Hip Hop classics and deep album gems.

What is your favorite Redman song? Favorite Redman album? Leave it in the comments.

Tell a friend to tell a friend, LIVE @ 5PM EST Today. 🗣