April 16, 2021

10:00 PM - 12:00 am

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Every Friday Kickback with the Boom Bap as we welcome our human friends to dj and have fun in our neighborhood!

What started as an art project in building puppets for friends quickly evolved into a weekly puppet show
and dj livestream on Twitch. From the creative mind of Aaron ‘Woes’ Martin, The Boom Bap Kids, sets
out to become a sketch type show with segments geared toward or a more Golden Era Hip Hop
demographic. For now the weekly mix show has become a giant amongst giants in the DJ and music
world, getting props from the likes of Lil’ Jon, and guest appearances from world class talent like Z-Trip,
Shortkut and The Beat Junkies. It is easy to see the passion and energy poured into every stitch of every




Twitch Video