July 17, 2020

07:00 PM - 9:00 pm

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Volume 2 filmed deep in the heart of Northern California’s Weed Country premiers this Friday! Episodes will be aired at 7 pm PT/10 pm EST on Twitch, Facebook and Mixcloud. RSVP and donate at dice.fm/DFTU.

July 10 – Alex Herman‘s Birthday Bash with Holmar b2b Shane one, D’julz and Special Guests

July 17 – Dance Spirit (live) ft Leon Morley and Alvaro

July 24 – NIKITA b2b Dance Spirit

July 31 – Holmar b2b Micah Byrnes

RSVP and donate at Dice.fm/DFTU or download the app – Dice.fm. A portion of the donations will go to Give a Beat and Parties 4 Peace. Both charities are committed to fighting racial injustices and provide opportunities through education and music.

Give a Beat’s mission is to reduce the harmful effects of incarceration through music production, DJing and other education programs that transform individuals and inspire communities to take action. Through music education and mentoring programs in juvenile halls, schools, and our Prison Electronic Music Program, we engage our industry to help widen the pathways for people to thrive, tackle systemic racism, and contribute to the larger criminal justice reform movement. To learn more or get involved, visit www.giveabeat.org

Parties 4 Peace is dedicating their upcoming scholarships specifically for African American youth to give them opportunities to be part of our educational programs for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, helping them to work towards their future goals and giving them a platform to share their voices. Visit parties4peace.com to learn more.

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