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Redman Talks Album & Various Topics

RedmanGet Redman’s new album "Redman Presents…Reggie", available everywhere now! Featuring the single "Def Jammable".

Newark’s favorite prodigal son Reggie Noble, aka platinum-selling Def Jam Recordings artist Redman, shows off a different side of his musical persona with the release of his 7th solo album, REGGIE out now.  The sneak attack is initiated on the first two tracks that have already hit the street – the Internet only “Tiger Style Crane” and the new mixshow sensation, “Def Jammable.”  (video directed by Clifton Bell (Ayo))

Featured producers on REGGIE include Rockwilder and DJ Khalil, with guest appearances lined up for Method Man, Bun B, Faith Evans and his Gilla House crew.  Final personnel lineups and song title sequence will be announced in the weeks ahead. He is currently on a 20 city European tour with his partner in rhyme Method Man promoting his new "REGGIE" LP.

Redman Def Jam’s  elder statesman exploded on to the hip-hop scene in 1992 with Whut? Thee Album. And still going hard an entire hiphop generation and half dozen gold and platinum albums later (Whut? Thee Album (1992), Dare Iz a Darkside.(1994), Muddy Waters (1996), Doc’s da Name 2000 (1998),  Blackout  (1999, with Method Man), Malpractice (2001).)

Redman Video

Best Of Both Offices: Redman Talks Album & Various Topics

Redman Video

Def Jammable Video

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Now online at MixSensei.com
“Mixing Marcus Miller”
from the Master Audio Concepts on-line tutorial series
“It is called Harmony for a reason” – states producer/educator Dave Isaac.

After the hugely successful launch of MixSensei.com at the 129th AES Convention in San Francisco and followed by presentations at the Miami Music Festival, MixSensei.com is proud to present the first available online video tutorial “Mixing Marcus Miller” by 3x Grammy® winner producer/engineer Dave Isaac.

 “Mixing Marcus Miller” takes a look into a couple of songs from Marcus Miller’s 2005 CD release, Silver Rain,” Isaac explains. The selected songs are “Behind The Smile and Moonlight Sonata.” The tutorial explores the thought process behind each song as Miller shared his vision with Isaac, and how Isaac took that and combined his vision into each song. Next, Isaac reveals “this is where I was mentally at that time with technology and how I used that mindset to make each song sound exactly the way Marcus heard it in his head.” This highly anticipated tutorial will be the first in the mixing series, which integrates imagination, a unique combination of engineering skills, musical knowledge, and practical understanding of studio equipment into a fully interactive form of learning that is enriched by the involvement and collaboration of many high-profile engineers, producers and musicians. “This combination makes MixSensei.com a unique platform for education with a highly practical industry background,” the producer/educator states.

Later this month MixSensei.com will release “Enter the Dynamics” in which Isaac explains the definitions and common threads of the various dynamic hardware and software compressors, limiters, gates, expanders, gates, de-essers, and transient enhancers. The third tutorial, also for release this month, Return Of The Dynamics discusses how the dynamics are used in recording, mixing, mastering, television and radio. These concepts are designed to equip the viewer with more choices to make their music just as professional as what is heard on the radio, using the equipment and software they currently own, and giving them a glimpse into what others in the industry are using.

In 2011, MixSensei.com will introduce a host of guest musicians, producers and engineers who will explain their own specific techniques and skills, including such multi-Platinum talents as Marcus Miller, Morris Hayes, Barry Rudolph, Darius “Deezle” Harrison, Steve King, Bobby Fernandez, Tommy Vicari, John Jones, Ronald Prent, Darcy Proper, Miles Showell, Crispin Murray, Clarence McDonald, Tim Carmon, Ross Hogarth and many more. For more information about the contributors http://www.mixsensei.com/en/contributors_sections. 

About MixSensei.com
MixSensei.com will showcase Master Audio Concepts, a revolutionary form of on-line video tutorials presented by 3x Grammy®-winning engineer/producer Dave Isaac. Available for download from a customized website, the new series of tutorials is developed for both beginners and experienced professionals to hang out with Dave as he shares his audio concepts and production skills, and opens the door of conversation to his other award winning producer and engineer friends. The results of which will be provided to the purchasers of each tutorial as additional free updates for 12 months.

“MixSensei.com is an on-line and mobile platform for anyone who is interested in the skills of audio engineering and who wants to hear it straight and to the point from the professionals within the industry, de-mystifying all of the so-called secrets!” says Isaac. “If you are entering into the music industry, a student, or a professional that wants to hear the perspectives from those in the industry, MixSensei.com is the place to go.”

The new tutorials are based on basic and advanced audio engineering skills, that are applicable to any environment, DAW, hardware or software, and professional or home studio. “Our goal is to allow the viewer to be a fly on the wall as we provide a greater understanding of how to use your ears and mind and not the screen, as you learn the art of audio engineering and mixing. We strive to avoid being just another on-line video manual or specific software video developer” says Isaac.


The first three titles from the master audio concepts on-line tutorial series from MixSensei.

About the Author/Presenter
Three-time Grammy®-winning producer/engineer Dave “Houdini” Isaac is also a musician – guitar, bass, drums and keyboards – who has worked with a literal who’s who within the R&B industry. Recent projects for his Titan Music & Film Works production company include a Pop/Funk CD featuring Marcus Miller, Patrice Rushen, Nathan Leftenant (CAMEO), James “D-Train” Williams, Mr. Hayes (from New Power Generation) and many more. He is currently wrapping Marcus Miller’s latest DVD/CD “Tutu Revisited”. His three Grammy® Awards: Marcus Miller’s M2 (2001); David Sanborn’s Inside (1999); and Wayne Shorter’s Highlife – as Co-Producer (1997). His three Grammy® Nominations: Marcus Miller’s Tales (1996); Marcus Miller’s Live and More (1999); and for the song “Blast” from Marcus (2009).

Isaac has worked with a wide range of musical talent, including Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Luther Vandross and Marcus Miller, in addition to television (Everybody Hates Chris, and PBS specials) plus motion pictures (scores for Lethal Weapon 2, Good Hair and Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner), and product development for such companies as Universal Audio, Native Instruments, Tascam, Akai, and Kurzweil.

Isaac produced and mixed the title song “Anything Can Happen” for the soundtrack to Disney’s “The 6th Man” – he also served as associate producer for the score. He co-wrote and co-produced “And I Love You” for the film The Great White Hype, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Damon Wayans and Jeff Goldblum, and co-produced “Rush Over” featuring Me’Shell Ndegeocello for Love Jones.

  Michael Jackson

  Michael Jackson

  Michael Jackson


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