Atlanta singer/songwriter/guitarist, Anthony David has released his second record, Red Clay Chronicles on Brash Music this Tuesday Sept 26th. Red Clay Chronicles continues David’s journey to recapture the sound of Soul music. Fusicology had the opportunity to catch up with Anthony to do a quick interview with the artist.

FUSICOLOGY: We love the message you’re sending out on “Stop Playin”, I know that you find inspiration for your music through personal experiences, is this particular song very personal to you?

ANTHONY DAVID: I’m not one to do any finger pointing, but when you’re sitting around your friends, talking about stuff- the talk about “girls” and “playing them” gets old. All you hear sometimes is “this girl this, this girl that”, so I thought it would be a great idea to write a song about it. When “the boys” are hanging out, that’s our typical conversations, so all the messing around turned into a whole song!”

F: What type of things inspired you when you first started?

AD: Conversations, regular life stuff, stuff you go thru.

F: Where do you see yourself and soul music in 5 years?

AD: Don’t know, can’t imagine…positive, more records, more people to talk to..try not to get that specific, do the best he can, and let chips fall…clearly, want to be successful…evolving with the times and of course life experiences, just continuing to grow with the second record. Current, still you.

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