“I could listen to the (Arthur Verocai) album everyday for the rest of my life” – Madlib

Arthur Verocai is a mysterious figure even in his native Brasil.  He has composed and arranged for such giants as Jorge Ben, Gal Costa and Leny Andrade.  But hip hop heads know him for his often sampled (see Ludacris, MF Doom and Little Brother) self-titled solo album.  The album came out at the height of the Brasilian dictatorship and was a commercial failure.

His performance of this seminal 1972 record complete brought the sold out crowd at the Luckman Theater to a stand still.  According to Verocai, he had never played the record “alive or dead!”  His delight at the opportunity to play this music in it’s complete form can be seen on the Timeless DVD box set.

This song, “Flying to LA” was written specifically for the concert at the Luckman.  It starts with open drums by Mamao from the famed Brasilian trio Azymuth, and then goes on a beautiful harmonic journey.  Enjoy, share and turn it up.

Audio + Video: Arthur Verocai “Flying To LA” Video and Mp3 Download

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