Beats, Rhymes and Life

Hip hop culture is now the driving force within the currents of mainstream music, a multi-disciplined representation of the urban experience not only in America but in countless nations worldwide. Its terminology rests on the tongues of the masses. Its beats are the background for movements both social and superficial. And we can’t forget that it has generated billions for those who control it.

But such power personified is never without its drawbacks. As art reflects life, hip-hop’s drives toward, hope, survival, understanding, love, sex, excess, materialism, sexism and communal apathy have all made their way into the psyche of the current generation. Beats, Rhymes and Life, a collection of critical writings on hip hop culture aims to examine the effects of hip hop culture on America and the world, to be published in the Spring of 2007 by Random House.
Featuring the essays of 15 different authors and various photographic interpretations, Beats, Rhymes and Life will give commentary on the symbols and imagery that have made hip hop culture what it is, from the shell casings of gangster rap to the turntable which served as a catalyst to a cultural phenomena. The book will be a journey into what is, was and could be for the music, garnering rave reviews from The Daily News, Publishers Weekly & Allhiphop.com.

Edited by music journalists Kenji Jasper and Ytasha Womack, and photos by Robert Johnson III, the essays will be supplemented by 15 as told to interviews with individuals who have either contributed to, been influenced by, or have the deepest understanding of hip hop past, present and future. Add in more than 20 photographic interpretations of the subject matter and you have a book unlike any other, a book that we would like for you to take part in.

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