Top Products and Favorites: Best of 2018 Grammy Gifting Suite

We loved Safi Kilima Tanzanite. First shared with the world in 1967 from a single source near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, Safi Kilima means “pure mountain”.


Smart Ring by John McLear
Ring can unlock your smart phone or tablet, door to your house or car and can also be used to make payments, start apps, share wi-fi information, share links to websites, and share contact information to smartphones and tablets.

Ring costs $139 and must be replaced every 2 years.
For house and car locks, McLear will connect you to one of their compatible lock companies.


Interactive Baby Monkey, rated the hottest toy of the year by many publications and retailers and sold out globally – up for the Toy of the Year award.  For the exclusive bling ones Fingerlings partnered with @PoplineBling artist Michelle Fishman to hand crystallize Fingerlings. They’re valued at over $200 and can they also make a custom Swarovski one which would be valued at $1000+


Grosse Jewelry – 111th year anniversary
Vertical Miss was our favorite, a necklace that can be worn 6 different ways

Grosse – beautiful high end costume jewelry brand founded in Germany in 1907 but based in Japan with three different lines:
Elegant and luxurious line: Grosse
Young and Casual Line: Grosse Glace
Luxurious Street Line: EINS by Grosse


We also checked out Happiesttee (t-shirts), Smile (invisible aligners sent to straight to your home and are more cost effective) and as years past, the Truth Campaign that inspire tobacco-free lives.


words & images: Sapna Lal

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