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There’s no question that cryptocurrency and blockchain are fundamentally reshaping the media industry. Releasing music, distributing content, streamlining royalty payments, eliminating middlemen, and creating fair wages are all areas that are being empowered by the emergence of blockchain-powered technologies

But how can artists, venues, promoters and independent record labels partake in this revolution?

Artists and industry professionals must take the first step and learn about nonfungible tokens (NFT’s), Bitcoin, and Ethereum, and then take steps to implement them in their work.

The most common way to acquire these types of assets is through exchanges, however, this is a confusing and time-consuming process. Additionally, some artists may be concerned about acquiring cryptocurrency at the right time or price.

However, there is a movement gaining momentum. Instead of buying cryptocurrency, why not earn it with money you’re already making?

Bitwage, one of the fastest-growing payroll platforms in the world, was created to allow anyone on earth to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through their work salary or royalty payments.

Launched in 2014, Bitwage has enabled entrepreneurs, workers, freelancers, and creatives from across the globe to transfer part of their earnings into popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitwage has processed over $100m in transactions for 2000+ companies, with over 50,000 users, and has received more than $2m in funding from some of the world’s biggest investment firms.

Musicians and other individuals in the entertainment industry can rest assured that if they receive their salaries or royalties with Bitwage, they are “Rockin With The Best.”

Bitwage believes that earning Bitcoin – not just buying it – is the future for creatives, record labels, and executives across all of the entertainment industry.

Media and entertainment are sectors that have desperately yearned for change and finally, that time has come.



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