CES 2022: Gadgets, Audio, Health Tech

Although Fusicology did not attend CES 2022 in person, as we have done pre-pandemic times for 15 years prior, we were still able to have our creativity sparked with all the new audio, health tech and gadgets.

Kudos to the innovators! We hope to be in Vegas for 2023 and beyond.


Cleer Audio, an industry-leading headphone and smart speaker manufacturer, introduced its next generation wireless Intelligent Bluetooth Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, the award-winning ALPHA.  “ALPHA is like no other headphone with its Immersive theater-like sound performance with Dirac VirtuoTM spatial audio technology. ALPHA is a game changer” and was ecently awarded a prestigious 2022 CES Innovations Honoree Award

Audio Design Desk: An entirely new way to create with audio, combining a massive royalty-free sound and music library with a sampler and a digital audio workstation, becoming an all-in-one tool that lets creatives stay in the flow. With the release of 1.9, ADD works seamlessly with virtually every audio and video editing tool from Premiere to Final Cut Pro to Pro Tools to Logic.

Noveto debuted its flagship product, the N1, The product features its own proprietary smart beaming technology that transmits ultrasound silently through the air, converging in small audible pockets just outside the listener’s ears as if wearing invisible headphones. Without any physical device on their person, listeners will get a private listening experience that has only been achieved with headphones or earbuds previously.

Meters Headphones by Ashdown Engineering – World-famous as makers of the bass guitar amplifiers used by bands including U2, Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro and Black Sabbath, UK-based Ashdown Engineering has evolved into a highly-respected team of audio innovators with product ranges that now encompass bass guitars, guitar amplifiers, FX pedals, studio monitors, headphones and wireless speakers.

VisiSonics’ RealSpace 3D Audio:”The company’s proprietary, licensable technology provides more accurate spatial location, smoother sound in motion, a larger sound field and clearer sound distinction”


The Keepser Cold Wallet are patented NFC wallets being marketed as the “easiest, most efficient, secure, and cost-effective solution for investors in cryptocurrencies.”

Parity Mirror: A plastic plate that can project air-floating images of anything behind it. “An easy and affordable tool to create intuitive, non-contact interfaces that can make computer-generated images appear in mid-air in the physical world, rather than in a virtual world”


WaterTalk – Water Quality Test Cups “It looks like a cup. It works like a cup. But it can test the water quality in 10 seconds with a simple button click”

Morphée ZEN – a spa-like “pebble” that provides mental wellness sessions throughout the day to reduce anxiety and boost concentration and focus within five minutes

Pact Connected Massage Gun: Inspired by professional trainers, the Pact system tailors its massaging experience to the user’s muscle profile and body conditions, giving the most effective recovery treatment.

Circular’s Smart Ring wellness wearable that tracks many vital metrics, day and night. The ring focuses on how the user responds to their activities, daily choices, and rhythms and provides personalized recommendations based on the data it gathers rather than just providing metrics and raw data graphs.

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