By Dashaun Simmons

At first glance when you see DaM- FunK you can tell he’s from the West Coast. From the Dickies, to the flat sneakers, to the perm pressed hair his whole being screams West West Yall. But he’s not just on any old West Coast ish, he’s all about carrying the flag of Funk and keeping the genre alive.

On this warm evening in New York City, the funksters are out to see their minister and ready to testify. To warm up the evening DJs Waajeed of Platinum Pied Pipers and Monk One went through some tried and true Boogie classics from the west coast along with some new twists on old favorites. As the crowd continued to gather for the show a couple of cats started some serious pop locking to the music of the great group Zapp.

The opening act was a really dope band from Brooklyn called Chin Chin. This five man team had some serious modern day disco tunes. Their up-tempo jams kept the crowd moving and by the end of their set I think they gained a few new fans. The crowd favorite had to be their song “GG and the Boys”, a slow groove utilizing the vocoder. This song alone explains why they are opening for DaM- FunK.

After Chin Chin, Waajeed gets back on the 1s and 2s to warm up the crowd. Without much warning DaM- FunK comes out the back and takes over the DJing slot making the crowd go crazy at the sight of him. He’s G’d up from his fitted hat to the all black long sleeve T-shirt and jeans which seem to hang from him in true California fashion. Once his accompanying band Master Blazter joins him on stage he steps out front and the show goes into overdrive. Dam and crew straight push through a dense collection of Boogie/Funk bangers.  His signature nod to George Clinton (and all things funk) with both pointer and pinky fingers pointed to the sky acts almost as a call and response to Dam’s fans.

Dam kept his cool rocking a Roland Axis over the shoulder to completely funk out. While killing the crowd with jams like “Hood Pass Intact” (which if you don’t pop/lock to, you’re dead) and “Mirrors” where he got the crowd to sing the hook along with him. During a wild drum solo DaM left the stage for a wardrobe change emerging in a new plaid shirt along with his signature red frame shades. At this point he remembers to introduce himself and the Master Blazter band members. After performing one more song the band leaves the stage and DaM goes back on the turntables, to the tune of ladies screaming “sexy” and “take your shirt off”. The hard life of a cutting edge musician filled with decisions regarding keeping ones shirt on. All in all a mixed crowd of different races and cultures came out to celebrate funk and the man carrying the flag. They got their money’s worth and more importantly, they got a chance to boogie.

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