Today recognized as one of the most brilliant sound designers, Doctor L advance often masked. Liam Farrell was born in Dublin in 1968. He joined in 1990 the hip-hop while growing hexagonal. Musician, composer, producer and remixer willingly discreet, the good Doctor has operated on a dizzying range of artists from Tony Allen to Antibalas, Assassin, David Walters, James Blood Ulmer, David Murray and The Last Poets, to Rodolphe Burger, Bashung, Arthur H and Asa.

Behind the Black Cowboys, there are Cubain Kabeya, drummer and percussionist of Kinshasa, a member of Benda Bilili, Jupiter and musician of the group’s collective DRC with Damon Albarn. There is also Kiala Nzavotunga coming from Lagos. Guitar and vocals, he was a comrade of Fela (until 1983), then a pioneer Hex Ghetto Blaster. Here he brings the fiery breath of Afrobeat. It belongs together with Ngnima aka Tie the Senegalese poet whose verb explores ways of orality, such as Tassu and the Spoken Word, and complete the discourse of black cowboys.

Music is like a huge building with lots of floors, lots of different people, full of different moments, many assholes and kindles at the top. Unpretentious, it is better to put on the roof with them, fly over the cloud, because otherwise it’s not interesting ” – Doctor L

For ten years, Doctor L pursues this vision of a protean music, which brings together the past, present and future in a resounding Big Bang time. For ten years, to take this crazy challenge, Doctor L creates continuous in his home studio in Saint Ouen and launches all-out invitations: New York, Paris, London, Lagos, Berlin, Bamako, Marseille …

The world passes the second floor of his hideout and sailed to a foutraque also cosmic. Like a painter or a sculptor, Doctor L inhabits this artistic center as a workshop, where lives are human stories, graphics and sound.

The Great Depression is the first in a trilogy of recordings of these craft, and a sepia photograph of a psychedelic decade of meetings, just like the album cover, also conceived and designed by Doctor L. Depending on the cut, we find him at the controls, electric guitar, percussion, synthesizer or the bass. But also to the image, photography, to achieve its clips.

Doctor L advance masked, many projects under different identities, labels ephemeral, remixes his own albums, the music system in orbit and in perpetual search of its future.

With The Great Depression, he reappears in the light, great organizer of the songs, as radiating suns of analog and digital.

Album of meetings, The Great Depression puts creation at the center of everything, as the ultimate essence of life, where economies and policies have failed. Brooklyn in Lagos, his artistic family grants him full confidence: ready to soar, eyes closed and open mics, she follows him in his wanderings musical.

Ode to the vibrant creativity of the 70s, The Great Depression is a tribute to Gil Scott HeronIn the Words with Allonymous and Ji Dru or Sly Stone with the recovery of very Afrobeat Family Affair by Antibalas.

Tony Allen, By Surprise arrived, accompanied by The Descendants Nairobi, ask for an Afro-futuristic groove. In Total Chaos, inhabited by a piece anarchist poetic energy that the West has forgotten the 2000s, the Nigerian Asa cries “I wait for The Day That Will Be music the food of love, i wait for The Day That i will sleep without laws “. Timeless and revolutionary.

Listen to The Great Depression here.



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