Documentary “Music on the Road” to follow emerging hip hop artists, beat boxers and more on FUSE premiering this Saturday 12/9

MOTR #2b_Detroit

This Saturday, December 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, Fuse is premiering Music on the Road, a 90-minute documentary taking viewers on a cross-country road trip to meet the next generation of musicians reinventing genres and creating innovative sounds.


With stops in New York, Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, Austin, New Mexico, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Music on the Road explores the lives and music of young artists from different walks of life, whose musical styles range from beat boxing and feminist hip hop, to psychedelic rock, street funk and more.


The documentary is narrated by jazz industry icon DJ LeRoy Downs and features rising stars: The Rapper Chicks (Chicago rapping and singing duo)Yakuza Moon (Detroit rapper and poet)Artistik Approach (Memphis acapella duo)Cha Wa (New Orleans / Mardi Gras Indian funk band) and more.


Sneak peek: https://www.fuse.tv/music-on-the-road



Photo of Detroit rapper and poet Yakuza Moon courtesy of Fuse

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