Dropmyemail Launches “Attachment Manager” Productivity Tool To Revolutionize User’s Email Experience & Increase Virality

Dropmyemail presents its newest productivity tool, “Attachment Manager”, that facilitates effortless sharing of email attachments and lets users interact with their email like never before.


With this, the most comprehensive email back up solution in the cloud, Dropmyemail, now provides more ways to organize your emails better. Existing users have provided feedback that handling attachments is a painful and confusing process. Hence, Dropmyemail allows for convenient management for them.


The “Attachment Manager” tool is an elegant way to search, view, download and share attachments in your emails backed up on Dropmyemail. Users can now search for specific file names of attachments to share them via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email or through a custom link.


This basic yet functional ability of “Attachment Manager” is unprecedented. Dropmyemail users will be able to share attachments, regardless of the file size. The attachments are all placed together in one tab. Users can choose to download and/or preview the files before sending it out and there is no limit to number of receipients. Users can select the availability of files with the “share/unshare” button.


This sharing is cloud-to-cloud so there are no uploading time delay or problems. There is no longer a need to forward attachments and clog up others’ inboxes. Easily share large attachments that others can’t easily receive in their inboxes.


This service will also increase the virality of Dropmyemail beyond the current referral system. At present, users can gain up to 2GB of free storage space by referring Dropmyemail to their friends and online communities. With the sharing capability of the “Attachment Manager”, users can directly share files on their social networks, through email or as a customized link to be pasted anywhere. The shared attachments to be downloaded will lead recipients to Dropmyemail’s website hence gaining more visitors and signups.


“Attachment Manager” radically changes how attachments are utilized. With so many big and experienced email providers about, none of the major players like Yahoo Mail, Gmail or Hotmail have anything quite like it.


The usual standard operating procedure would see the email user finding the email where the attachment is found and forwarding it to selected recipients. However, that requires knowledge of which email it was from without being able to search for the file name and/or preview the attachment. After that, there is still the matter of uploading and sending the files individually. Also, recipients’ inboxes often reject emails over a certain size or it may be full.


If you sign up to our free service here, you can try this function out for yourself.