Cosmic is the long-awaited recording by Dwight Trible, one of the most prolific vocalists of the time.

This recording is the follow upto his critically acclaimed Living Water, which made a big impression throughout the world. On Cosmic, Dwight brings an A-list cast of characters to bring forth his heartfelt expressionsof love for human kind and for love itself.

Musicians like Grammy nominee John Beasley and long time collaborator Munyungo Jackson help create the Cosmic landscape. Also noted areappearances by Kenneth Crouch, Trevor Ware, Dexter Story, George Harper, Kamau Daaood,Peter Jacobson, and Justo Almario. With a cast like this it is easy to imagine all of the musical territory covered in this recording.

Dwight chose to record and release Cosmic through Katalyst Entertainment, an independentand rapidly growing label headquartered on Chicago’s south side. His rationale behind the decision is simple: Katalyst offers him the freedom to create music that the larger, moremainstream labels may not necessarily support. Founded in 1993 by music industry veteran Kevin Beauchamp, Katalyst has built a strong repertoire for offering artists freedom and goodmusic to fans.

Many jazz musicians will tell you that they prefer not to work with singers, because most jazz singers lack the ability to improvise, have no understanding of musicianship, nor any of the othertraits associated with making jazz music – one of the most interesting and exciting musical genrestoday. Dwight Trible is a singer who combines the best of vocal virtuosity with musicianship and improvisational skills to the delight of audiences and musicians alike. In addition to performing with his own group, the Dwight Trible Ensemble, Dwight is the vocalist with the Pharaoh Sanders Quartet and is also the vocal director for the Horace Tapscott Pan AfrikanPeoples’ Arkestra.

Not a newcomer to the music scene, Dwight has worked with such notables as Oscar Brown Jr.,Charles Lloyd, Billy Childs, Kenny Burrell, Kenny Garrett, Steve Turre, Harold Land, HarryBelafonte, Della Reese and Norman Conners, John Beasley, Patrice Rushen, Babatunde Lea,Ernie Watts, Kahlil El Zabar, as well as contemporary soul artist like LA Reid and DJ Rogers. Dwight’s collaborations with Horace Tapscott, Billy Higgins, Kamau Daaood and others haveproduced some of the finest musical moments in Los Angeles in recent years – and his best is yetto come!

Like his mentors, Dwight is not content to use his music just to entertain people, although he isquite a dynamic performer. He uses his music to bring people together, to bridge the gap betweenthe races, and to heal the human heart. He has received numerous awards for his humanitarianefforts.
For more information about Dwight Trible, please visit his website.

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