ECHO, a new non-profit charitable organization dedicated to educating the world, hosting collaborative platforms, and providing hope for those in need of cannabinoid-based therapies announces its launch in March of 2017.

“ECHO aims to serve those suffering from debilitating neurological disorders such as epilepsy, autism and other conditions,” said ECHO Board of Directors President, Andrea Barnes.

“As someone who has worked for over 30 years leading local, national and international causes, I am proud and excited to be able to support ECHO’s mission of changing lives,” Barnes said. “ECHO will truly be a source of comfort and knowledge for many families who are seeking more information on the benefits and potential of cannabinoid-based therapies. We are providing numerous resources in the form of easy access to scientific research studies, a supportive community where parents can learn from each other’s experiences, and charitable outreach programs to support individuals with disabilities or special health care needs.”

Along with charitable donations, ECHO is working to share empowering stories, provide inspiration to many and to help people obtain a better understanding of how cannabinoid therapies can help change lives. All of the proceeds from donations will be used to supply families in need with financial assistance, medical referrals, and beneficial products.

ECHO strives to impact the world through its three pillars:

EDUCATION – Hosting the world’s largest resource for cannabinoid-based research and education.

COLLABORATION – Connecting individuals, healthcare professionals and families with resources to promote and exchange meaningful discussions surrounding cannabinoids and cannabinoid-based therapies.

HOPE – Providing hope to those who need it most.

About ECHO

ECHO is an independent, nonprofit and charitable organization dedicated to supplying cannabinoid-based education, open-ended collaboration between doctors and patients, and ideologies that encompass and give hope and inspiration to others. ECHO distributes funds and cannabinoid-based products to support those in search of cannabinoid therapies and health care. ECHO WEBSITE

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