ESAIYO, a data fabric company, has added Roberto Clemente Jr. and Audu Maikori to their team. Mr. Clemente and Mr. Maikori will be serving as brand ambassadors and will also be joining ESAIYO’s advisory board. Their additions bring expertise that better position the company in expanding its “Infrastructure as a Service” offering internationally and in the US.

Roberto Clemente Jr., is a universally respected philanthropist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, producer, former broadcaster, and former professional baseball player. Roberto’s father, Roberto Clemente Sr. was the first Latin American player to compile 3,000 hits in MLB history and the first Latino to enter into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Roberto Sr. used his platform and immense athletic gift to serve others as he devoted his short life to helping make the world a better place. Roberto Jr. has followed in his fathers footsteps and therefore utilizes his experience, knowledge, and relationships to help others across a diverse array of subjects amidst today’s global challenges.

Mr. Clemente stated, “ I am extremely excited to bear witness to the development and potential global impact of this ‘Game Changing Technology’. I am truly honored and emboldened to be a part of the team driving it!”

Audu Maikori is a  lawyer with multi sectoral legal experience in infrastructure, public transport systems, privatization and intellectual property. He is also a multi award winning entrepreneur  with a demonstrated history of working in the media and  entertainment industry.

Mr. Maikori stated, “I am truly honored and excited about joining Esaiyo Inc and working with such a visionary team to help  solve everyday problems using blockchain technology, interconnectivity of objects and the power of storytelling . I believe that  SIO’s are the future. In my view, the ground breaking work Esaiyo is doing has the potential to redefine numerous industries across the globe.”

ABOUT ESAIYO: ESAIYO is a data fabric technology company that combines object graph and blockchain to maximize the value and accessibility of data and accelerate digital transformation.

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For more information visit: www.esaiyo.com

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