It was a good 420 this year.

The Lakers won the second playoff game against The Hornets.

And DJ Quik had the album release party for his 8th studio record, “The Book of David.”

There are only a handful of things that make for a worthwhile 420, and after good buds, good music is the most important.

In other words, when I was asked if I could cover Quik’s show on that very special day, my exact professional words were “Hellll Yeaahhhh!”

It was a gangsta party as soon as my friend & I entered the Key Club.

In all honesty, the women were more gangsta than the men.

These girls were holding’ it down for DJ Quik.

When Quik hit the stage, he brought a slew of homes with him. Throughout the night, special guests included Suga Free, Jon B, Bizzy Bone, Blakkazz KK, and Gift Reynolds.

Quik performed new jams off “Book of David” along with his classics such as “Sweet Black P*ssy” and “Tonite.” He did “Go Hard” with Gift Reynolds.

He video premiered his new single, “Luv Of My Life.”

Throughout all this, Quik had either a bottle of Hennessy or Cristal in his hand at all times.

Quik was faded. Everyone around me was faded. And I was faaaaded.

I hadn’t gotten down this hard in a while.

Hey, it was a holiday.

Appropriately, DJ Quik ended his set with a tribute to another West Coast soldier, Nate Dogg.

And I knew if Nate Dogg was alive, he’d be somewhere getting faded, celebrating 420 too…

words/photos: Ani Yapundzhyan


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