EVENT RECAP: First Fridays at The Natural History Museum [LA]

I was sipping my drink, sitting on a plush couch watching KCRW’s Aaron Byrd DJ in front of a few elephants and a giraffe at a watering hole.


I got up and walked over to where Peanut Butter Wolf was having a conversation with someone underneath the bones of a collosol whale hanging from the ceiling.


The music followed me to a room full of insects as mothers showed their young children the scorpions and spiders inside of glass cases.


The Gaslamp Killer was being photographed alongside a huge gorilla with a lot of hair, and the two really did look like brothers.


By the time I finished my second drink, Miguel Atwood Ferguson and his ensemble of musicians that included trumpeteers, a flutist and a harpist had started playing in another room surrounded by wild animals. I sat next to the bones of a T-Rex fighting a Triceratops and watched the performance.

Hundreds of people of all ages floated by me from room to room, viewing the exhibits.


First Fridays” at Natural History Museum has been called “LA’s Best Intellectual Event in Disguise.”


I’ve just explained to you why.


Amazing visuals paired up with innovative artists and incredible music available to all.


Children can experience this incredible music in an environment that’s interesting to them.


I only wish First Fridays existed when I was growing up.


At the same time, it can be home to the most romantic of dates.


First Fridays often sells out. There is a long line.


But oh, what an experience. Event Info

words/photos: Ani Yapundzhyan