Friday May 10, 2024

09:00 PM - 3:00 am

Extremely excited to announce the Standard Time debut of François K – open to close!

Born in Rodez, France in 1954, François Kevorkian is a man of many talents, Producer, Remixer, legendary DJ, Studio owner, Immersive audio pioneer, and AI authority.

He has been a prominent figure in the New York City music scene since relocating there in 1975. Renowned for his exceptional career as a DJ, remixer and producer, François began his journey in iconic clubs defining the culture of dance music like Studio 54, The Loft, Paradise Garage, Better Days, Zanzibar as well as New York, New York and many others.

His expertise in studio editing and mixing led him to an influential A&R role at Prelude Records, shaping the 12” single versions for many of the disco hits of the early 80’s. His tenure there was a key component of the success of artists such as D-Train, Musique, Sharon Redd and The Strikers. During that time, he also remixed some era-defining club smashes like Yazoo “Situation” and Dinosaur L’s “Go Bang” that still get played and namechecked to this day as they’re often considered to be some of the foundational pillars of the modern dance music aesthetic.

His prolific and diverse contributions extend beyond the dance floor, including hosting his monthly ‘World of Echoes’ radio show on Gilles Peterson’s WorldWide FM for over five years; And since the start of the pandemic, amassing over 1,200 hours of live streaming content on Twitch. During lockdown, FK was one of the pioneers who adjusted to the tough circumstances – and in the process tirelessly building a vast and thriving ‘World of Echoes’ namesake online community on both Facebook and Discord.

François, known for his innovative approach, invented his own method of DJing he describes as ‘Live Stems’ Mixing. He uses AI to separate individual elements of classic songs, which allows him to then perform live remix versions using an array of multitrack mixing hardware and signal processing. This allows him to create refreshingly unique improvised performances of some of the music he plays, ensuring that no two DJ sets are ever the same.

He is currently developing Subculture.NYC, a documentary project that aims to chronicle and share the many riveting stories of the rise and development of NYC’s unique and groundbreaking underground dance music scene from its inception until today.

Far from slowing down after recently celebrating his 70th birthday, François K still performs at select events around the globe, something which allows him to share half a century worth of unrivaled experience in the field. He stands as a true musical visionary, his pioneering spirit continues to help in bridging together electronic and global sounds with a unique innovative spirit and passion that has been widely acknowledged as inspirational by many of his peers and followers.

Friday May 10, 2024

9:00 pm - 3:00 am


Cover: $40.00

Various Cover: $40.00 - $50.00

Standard Time