The Big 3"The Big 3" from Detroit’s Exchange Bureau Music will be the first vinyl release from the celebrated Motor City record label. Twenty tracks spanning three 180 gram LPs showcases past, present and future funk from over thirty artists including: Amalia, Andy Toth, Billy Love, Black Butter, Blacktop, Chris De Luca, Clara Hill, Daz-I-Kue, DIAL81, E. Spleece, Exchange Bureau, Fake Gold Chain, Flashclash, Guilty Simpson, Jah Connery, Jeremy "Ayro" Ellis, John Arnold, Losty, Magestik Legend w/ 14kt, Midnite Jackers, Moot Zoo, Octavio Santos w/ Adam Hurst, Opolopo, Perilelle, Phat Kat, Pirahnahead, Raj Mahal, Selfsays, Simbad, Sinistarr, Snowman Jack, Szymanski, The British Knights, Tony Ollivierra, Tracks & Fields, Tunde Olaniran and Yaminah. 

Any donation of $25 USD and above will be sent a physical copy of the limited edition Assorted Good vol. 1. Every donation over $50 USD includes a hand numbered test pressing of "The Big 3", while other prizes include CDs, t-shirts, sealed copies of the compilation, Exchange Bureau release packages and more! For one generous contributor of $500, an original 3′ by 4′ acrylic painting on wood that was featured on Jeremy Ellis’ "Unlike Any Other (I’ll Show You)" cover art will be given away courtesy of the artist, Peter DeAngelo! "The Big 3" will be limited to 500 copies (also hand numbered) and will never be repressed to ensure this will be a collector’s piece to hang on to.  Exported from Detroit with stops in Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and London, "The Big 3" is a genre-bending labor of love three years in the making.



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Unlike Any OtherJeremy “Ayro” Ellis is notorious for beat mechanic wizardry and he unleashes his talent here with a melange of hip-hop and jazz. An infectiously funky Fender Rhodes riff, glitchy beats, and buzzing synth lines meld to create a basement dwelling, head-bobbing vibe. Underground hip-hop veteran Phat Kat loans his quintessential Detroit swagger to the track and emcee Jah Connery delivers acerbic verbal artistry to create a superb blend of gritty elegance. Rounding out the release are three live Maschine edits, Double Homage Parts 1 & 2 and Revenge of the Baboon. Each showcases Jeremy’s funk-fueled fingertip dexterity with chopped drum breaks and frantic horn stabs that will turn heads of the most snobbish beat connoisseurs worldwide.


WOWZERS!!!! This man has to be seen to be believed.

Gotta love Ronnie Cash & Ayro.  Love when the beat changes up.
-DJ Graffiti

dope beats, as is to be expected from the longhaired red baron of the mpc. glad to see he hasn’t lost his detroit dirt. the question is, was he playing the pads with his fingers, his chin, or his ass!
-DJ Scribe

Superb music!

Have been a big fan of Jeremy’s work since his releases on Ubiquity and this new material is nothing short of stellar!! Will be supporting this on my daily drivetime show in Atlanta, The S.O.U.L. of Jazz on Jazz 91.9fm WCLK!!
-Jamal Ahmad

Feel the unsequenced liveness of the broken barriers of Jeremy Ellis’ Maschine manipulation in to unfettered but formed funk.  Add Detroit veteran emmcee Phat Kat and Jah Connery’s scientific stylings and this is a home run.
-Kevin Reynolds

C’mon son….its jeremy ellis….of course its quality!
-King Britt

-Phil Asher

All of the way!! Huge Fan!
-Roy Davis Jr.

Yes! Yes! Yes! So good to hear some new cuts from my boy Ayro! Jeremy Ellis does it like no other. Full support.
-SunTzu Sound

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