Freddie Gibbs Launches New Cannabis Strain FREDDIE KANE OG


New cannabis strain Freddie Kane OG launched on cannabis curation delivery service Chroncierge with a launch party hosted by Freddie Gibbs and a limited run t-shirt collaboration with flagship store and gallery The Seventh Letter.

Freddie Gibbs, notable hip hop artist out of Gary, Indiana has received critical acclaim for his versatile style and “heartfelt rhymes about the struggles of street life” has released his own unique strain of cannabis entitled “Freddie Kane OG” which he developed with cannabis collective Chroncierge. To launch this campaign Chroncierge is working with marketing agency The Grow Division introducing the strain to both long time fans of Gibbs and the services of Chroncierge to fellow cannabis consumers.


Freddie Gibbs’ first signature strain “Freddie Kane OG” has been described by users as “euphoric, tranquilizing and analgesic” and is a groundbreaking collaboration that highlights the natural synergy between the worlds of cannabis and music. With legal marijuana being the fastest growing industry in the United States, musician Jud Nester of Chroncierge is leading efforts to bring additional talent on their roster, giving fellow artists another avenue for revenue in this billion dollar a year industry. Chroncierge has developed a dream team of master growers, marketing minds, and offers a truly unique digital membership platform for consumers making them unmatched in this sector.

On Thursday, November 12thGibbs launched “Freddie Kane OG” to the public with live music and surprise guests. In addition, The Seventh Letter (346 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036) has designed a limited run “TSL x Freddie Kane OG” t-shirt collaboration featuring artwork by TYKE WITNES that will be available at the launch event on a first come, first serve basis. Tickets for the event can be purchased online on Ticketfly.


About Freddie Kane OG:

  • Look: A lush and vibrant green nugget dipped with THC crystals and the structure only a master grower can attain, she is the super model of strains, a truly picture perfect OG.
  • Scent: The smell is a head turner with such an incredibly intense aroma that the smell alone feels powerful enough to intoxicate. Every intricate texture of its aromatic qualities translate perfectly through the smoke start to finish.
  • High: The Freddie Kane OG creeps in spacey with a heavy, warming and cerebral high that resonates throughout the entire body initially, eventually coming to rest on the back of the eye lids. This is not your average OG high, this one packs extra punch with longevity.


The Grow Division founded by Eddie Donaldson and James Marland was the natural choice for Chroncierge to execute this campaign as they strive to be an agency that can co-exist between the new and old mindset encompassing a variety of marijuana users from smart successful consumers, corporate businesses, medical patients, and other recreational customers. This project with past XXL Freshman of 2010, Freddie Gibbs and Chroncierge provides a unique platform for music and cannabis consumers alike to come together and celebrate this new partnership for all entities.


For more information visit Chroncierge you can visit chroncierge.com or follow them at @Chroncierge. For more information on The Grow Division you can follow them on Facebook @TheGrowDivison. For more information on The Seventh Letter t-shirt collaboration visit theseventhletter.com or you can follow them on Instagram @TheSeventhLetter or Facebook at The Seventh Letter.