June 2, 2011

Many changes are upon us as FUSICOLOGY grows into more of a content and lifestyle driven site along with being the premier event listings hub for progressive music & culture, since 2003.

We’re staying busy over the summer working on major projects, including our “Nightlife & Lifestyle” app, an overseas launch and major site upgrades including a backend overhaul and Facebook Login capability for users and promoters alike.

Our news this week is that there will be no more Thursday weekly newsletters. However, event and promotional campaigns will resume and will continue to be offered via scheduled aka dedicated blasts.

Since the fall of 2003, Fusicology (when it was in its infancy only in New York and Los Angeles until ’06) has been sending out Thursday blasts to all of our cities, has grown to 23 markets and supplemented with weekly Thursday newsletters for 14 markets.

We’re growing faster than ever, thanks to loyal subscribers and website visitors like you, and we have been closely listening to our partners and clients and we pretty much all agree that the newsletters need to be shifted from being event listing driven to more music & lifestyle content driven and dedicated vs constant blasts.

Events – both featured and regular listings – are always found on our site, along with national features.  Email blasts have now shifted to the more dedicated newsletters promoting a few specific shows as well a newsletters for record promotion (“Music Monday”), brand press releases & media partner event blasts.

In place of a event flyer feature on our weekly newsletters, our promotional partners (e.g. co-branded event partners) will now be offered banner ad placements to our promotional trade partners.





We have the Fusicology logo on our flyer and wish to continue to have our event featured – how will that work now?

Our weekly blasts are no longer, but all media trades will still be honored, and now we’re offering expanded local newsletter banner placement! Don’t have anyone to design it?  We’ll do it within 3 days for only $75 and create a standard size 728×90 leaderboard banner that can be used on any other sites, blogs & blasts – request your banner placement.

We will also offer more Twitter posts – if the event is tweeted using the “http://fuse.ms” short code, we will retweet the event within 24 hours. It’s that simple. We follow our brand mentions and make sure to retweet events all over North America.

We have the Fusicology logo on our flyer AND want to be inquire about a dedicated blast…

With approved placement and partnership, the logo on flyer grants the event half off blast price listed (note: IF there is the approved logo on all marketing materials, websites and viral promotion) – for a detailed description for your city please request your event be featured or contact your city representative.


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