Fusicology Radio presents Deep Inside The Mind of Osunlade Vol. 1 – Spasmodic Movements Radio

Yoruba Soul on My Mind!!

Roy Ayers- Searching (Osunlade Remix)

Osunlade- Break It Down

Osunlade ft. Carlos Mena- Tambore Te Llamar

Osunlade ft. Divine Essence- My Reflection

Aaron Carl- Sky (Yoruba Soul Vocal Mix)

Andy Cantana- Ironia

Atheus- Deploy

Kelly Polar- Ashamed of Myself (Sting In’tl Mix)

Osunlade- April ( Abicah Soul Dub)

Osunlade- The Dating Game

Osunlade- A New Day (Quintin Harris Mix)

Nitin- Silent Scales (Osunlade Remix)

Osunlade- Cantos A Ochun Et Oya

Osunlde- The Deep

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