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Love Box

Take Charge of the Ship this Valentine’s Day.
Have Him Open Up and Dig Inside The Love Box

Hey Ladies — are you tired of acting surprised from those same last-minute roses you get every year and wonder what else the evening has in-store?

It’s time to take control of Valentine’s Day this year and make it what you really want. Set the mood right and release each other’s tensions all night. Surprise him with something he didn’t know was coming. Have him open up and dig inside The Love Box.

Yes, it’s your time to give him what you both been longing for — some good healing!

Hidden Beach and Soul Purpose come together to design your evening into one delicious, romantic, sensually therapeutic and unforgettable morning.

How The Love Box works…

Pop in the CD and press play — Have him open up The Love Box — Light the fire of romance — then have him give you dessert with the Warm Vanilla Massage Butter! Whether it’s Swedish, Shiatsu.. or his own original deep penetrating techniques, you both will define Love, Passion and definitely some Other Emotions!

As The Box will be open and as he gets Deep In It, you will marinate each other in Warm Vanilla spread across the room!

Ladies, make this Valentine’s Day what you’ve always wanted it to be — Surprise Him and Show Him how it’s done with The Love Box.

The Love Box is available from Hidden Beach for only a limited time. We want to make sure you have it by Friday, February 11th so everything is set for your big day. Don’t Wait till Valentine’s Day… Order it Today!

Hidden Beach Valentines Vol. 1
Love, Passion & Other Things

Hidden Beach brings you 11 gems of "Put you in the Mood Music" great for Valentine’s Day or any day.This unique collection contains works by hitmakers Kindred the Family Soul, Jill Scott, The Tony Rich Project, Jeff Bradshaw & Glenn Lewis, and Keite Young & N’Dambi.

Hidden Beach Valentines Vol. 1: Love, Passion & Other Emotion also features new music from our newest artists, Glen Scott and Naturally7.

Suggested Retail Price – $10

This item is also available separately Buy CD | Download MP3

Soul Purpose™ Warm Sugar Vanilla Massage Butter

Massage your lover in the right way. This special Warm Sugar Vanilla Massage Butter with earthy musky undertones is an all natural blend with a luxurious concoction of oils, shea, cocoa, mango and avocado butters. Perfect for that silky smooth feeling from head to toe.

Suggested Retail Price – $20

This item is also available separately Click Here

Soul Purpose™ Warm Sugar Vanilla Scented Candle

Take a deep breath and experience all the passion in the air with this deliciously fragrant Warm Sugar Vanilla Scented Candle with earthy musky undertones also by Soul Purpose. Ignite your sense and get Deep In It just like nature intended. This votive keeps it real, made from a 100% vegan soy.

Suggested Retail Price – $20

This item is also available separately Click Here

Divine Chocolate™ Hearts

Spread love around the world this Valentines. We’ve partnered with Divine Chocolates, a socially conscious and responsible Fair-Trade Chocolate company that operates with a collective in Ghana. We are very excited to introduce our finest music lovers a taste of chocolate imported from the Africa.

*Not Sold Separately. Only Available with The Love Box™

Bonus Gift – Sneak Peek DVD of Glen Scott

With The Love Box, you will receive a DVD sneak peak from Hidden Beach’s long-awaited artist Glen Scott.

Glen Scott’s new music video "Deep In It" which is also featured on your CD Love, Passion & Other Emotions.

A pilot "Life Is No Rehearsal" is a documentary and behind-the-scenes footage of the label’s interactions between Glen Scott and Hidden Beach.

Glen Scott’s Hidden Beach release,"Trust The Dawn" is expected this summer. Stay Tuned for more from Glen.

*Not Sold Separately. Only Available with The Love Box™


A Rustic Heart-Shaped Box

This wonderful bundle will include a truly unique heart-shaped box with a stylish weathered tin cover. The Love Box will last for years to come and is perfect for keeping other things around your home from jewelry, cookies to storing photos. We know you will love this box… that’s why we called it The Love Box.

*Not Sold Separately. Only Available with The Love Box™


Love, Passion & Other Emotions

Hidden Beach Valentines Vol. 1: Love, Passion & Other Emotions by hiddenbeach

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